In the spring of 2019, a serviceman named Matt stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri contacted Horn Custom Covers stating he was transferring to Anchorage, Alaska later in the summer, and planned on bringing his boat with him. He asked if HCC could fabricate a cover for his boat that would successfully make the trip on some of the worst roads that can be traveled in the United States and Canada.


A few days ago, Matt reached out to tell me that the road-trip was a total success, and the cover performed flawlessly, and most importantly, his family had arrived safe and sound!

I am regularly asked by my clients how my covers will perform with just a few tie-down straps on each side, and why I don't put more? These pictures are the answer to this question. If the cover is built as tight as a drum, the straps are only there for a catastrophic rope failure.

I want to thank Matt for his business, and more importantly, I want to thank him and his family for their service to our country!  All of their contributions make our country a much better, and safer place!


4300 Mile Alaska Cover

Cover just after fabrication.

May 2019

Cover after 4300 mile road-trip to Anchorage, Alaska 

August 2019

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